Blackburn Core 3

kr. 645

  • AirTap™ – Our AirTap reversable pump head works with Schrader,Presta or Dunlop valves and features an integrated air bleed button right at the valve for perfect pressure, every time
  • MATERIALS – Steel barrel, plastic handle, steel base
  • PUMP HEAD – Dedicated grommets for each valve type ensure a secure clamping force and air tight seal
  • Aviation Gauge – Large, 3 inch wide base-mounted gauge lets you easily read your tire pressure, and adds to the foot print of the Co re pump’s solid stance
  • Air Bleed button on the pump head to micro adjust pressure
  • 48 tommer hose easily reaches your bike stand
  • 160 PSI / 11 BAR
  • PUMPING ACTION – Large diameter inner shaft producesmooth, efficient pump ing

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